Monday, October 18, 2010

Locally grown

This is in no way a political blog, but lately especially, I have been thinking about how important it is to support our local producers. We all know what kind of shape the economy is in, and it ain't a pretty picture.
It seems to me that America is being gobbled up by big corporation with cheap merchandise, and people are more than willing to throw their money in the "foreign" bucket. Don't get me wrong, I fully realize that people are living on extremely tight budgets, and the more they can save on everything, the better.
But there is also another side to this. The last decade in particular people are buying out of control, much more than they really need. And a lot of times it's on credit. Think about it, do we really need all the "stuff" we buy? I know I don't, and have been trying to really think about everything I buy. And if I can't afford it, I don't buy it, I try to save for it.
I think it's more important than ever to spend locally, whether it is produce/meat or any handcrafted items. There are many advantages to this:

- the money you spend stays local and is not given to a big corporation which gets it's product from the Far East. This means a more vibrant local economy.

- the product you buy most likely have a higher quality. For produce/meat it's hopefully organically, or at least sustainably grown. For any handmade items, they might last for a long time, compared to the cheap version that has to be replaced next year.

Local support is a win win for everybody, and good for the local economy in the long run. It's also much more environmentally friendly on so many levels.

Just think about it.