Sunday, January 16, 2011

New botanical section in my Etsy shop

Lately I've been debating and trying to find other things I can offer in my shop. As usual the answer was right there in front of me, so blatant that I didn't even see it at first. I'm very interested in, and have studied various holistic health approaches, from homeopathy to herbalism. I use herbs on a daily basis, both for myself and for my animals. I didn't want to offer any medicinal plants, but ordinary day to day things that I make and use, and always have at hand.
For now I'm offering dried lavender buds in beautifully embroidered organza bags with satin ribbon, and handcrafted spring potpourri, using only the finest, naturally grown products. Everything I use is sustainably grown and harvested, and free of pesticides. If I can get an ingredient organically grown, that would be preferable.

Take a look at my new items:
Dried lavender buds in organza bags

Handcrafted potpourri in cello bags

Spring potpourri in lined paper bags