Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of Spring

It's finally here, first day of spring. A beautiful day, crisp, sunny with plenty promises of what is to come. The birds are singing and the squirrels are busy running after each other. The barnyard is starting to be more lively, with chickens happy to be scratching outside again, and alpacas jumping and bucking with joy. The cats have started to venture more outside, lounging in the sun. We must all have the spring fever.

I was walking around the property the other day, and you can tell it's been a hard winter. There is a whole lot of cleaning up to be done. Honestly not sure what end to start with. But it shall be done. There's also fencing that need to be mended.
It's only a couple of more weeks, and we'll be getting ready for the chickens to arrive. I can't wait. It's such a joy to see them grow up and tend to them. The boys will be happy too with some company. Will start them in one of the stalls, so the boys will be babysitting.

This morning I have been busy making some wonderful body luxuries. I'm getting ready for the networking event on Wednesday and want some "spring items" on my list. On the list today were Rose & Mimosa solid perfume, Cherry Blossom body butter bars and some delicious Vanilla Almond whipped Lip Butter. All of them real easy and quick to make. I'm not really big on perfumes or cologne, but the solid that I make myself is perfect. It has just a subtle hint of aroma, and not at all overwhelming. You can also chose your favorite aromas. Mix and match and be creative. For the perfume I wanted to use the organic Rose Damnascena CO2 extract, but changed my mind when I saw the price. Right now it's just not in the budget, and for the price I would have to ask for it, I recon it wouldn't be in most people's budget at the moment. So instead I opted for Rose essential oil.
The rest of the day I'll be busy labeling and packaging things up. There's a lot to be said about presentation. I tend to keep things clean and simple. Not a big fan of elaborate packaging.