Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring fever

The days are definitely getting longer, and finally you have the feeling of still having some time left of they day, when getting home from work. There isn't much snow left, thankfully, but some big mounds still have a ways to go. They'll be gone soon enough.
I already started my seed list awhile back, and will do the finishing touches this weekend. I will try to stick with just a few things that we will use for sure. Some veggies, some herbs, and this year I want to try potatoes. Still deciding on which type would be best suited for our area. Should be interesting as I haven't tried this before. Will get the fabric grow bags and give it a try in those.

Today I should get one of the orders of oils and butters and other goodies, to make some body luxuries. Want to try and have some free samples for a networking meeting next week. Will try some solid perfume, lip butters and some body lotion sticks. Should be fun. Every now and then I need a break from the knitting, and making this stuff does the trick.

There also is plenty stuff to do outside after the harsh winter we had this year. Some fencing definitely needs mending, and also a general clean up. I also want to clear some room for some more pasture. Not quite sure yet if that will be completed this year or not.

Chickens aren't too far away now, so one of these weekend I need to get ready and set for that as well. The boys are scheduled for shearing May 14th, so we still have some time to go before a new batch of fleeces needs skirting.

Spring is such a beautiful time. I treasure every single minute of it. It's so nice to see things starting to come to live again, birds arriving and starting to sing more. Just beauty all around.