Saturday, April 23, 2011

April showers......

This weekend I was planning to plant out some of the seedlings, however with the rain and rather cold weather, I better wait. It won't hurt them to stay inside for a little longer. I do not have grow lights inside, and some of them are starting to get pretty leggy. I think this is from too little light. All the seeds I planted are doing well and growing. Hopefully this will continue.
I got my seed potatoes as well, and are ready to plant as soon as the weather lets up a bit.

The baby chicks are doing extremely well. The growth rate is astonishing. The Cornish X Rocks grows while you look at them. :-) Amazing! I keep expanding the draft guard and before long it won't be needed any more.

This morning I made a wonderful Jasmine hair pomade. I have short hair, so I use pomades/styling creams quite a bit. I should have started making my own long ago, really. The pomade came out great, and to my surprise (I wasn't really thinking of this when making it) it gives a wonderful shine to the hair. It adds texture and moisture to the hair. No drying out. The Jasmine floral was and Jasmine Absolute adds a subtle fragrance, while nourishing Acai Berry Oil helps to moisturize and protect the hair. It can also be used for dry and coarse hair as an intense conditioner. Apply to the tips and leave in. I was very much in doubt about using the very expensive Jasmine Absolute, but decided to give it a go. Only a few drops needed. I just love the scent of Jasmine.

I've been using the flower facial cream I made a week ago for a week now, and have to say I'm impressed. Even though it is very rich, it works well as a day cream. You just have to remember a little goes a long way. It smells so good, so it's quite luxurious waking up to. Gives a wonderful scent as I drive to work. :-)

Yesterday the weather wasn't so bad, so I spent the afternoon outside, cherishing the serene surroundings. Puttsying around, cleaning up after the winter. Many of the bushes had taken a real beating and had to be cut down more than I normally do. I love those afternoons. Being outside, using the body, birds chirping, seriously, life can't get much better than that. Then every now and then a quick break with the boys, who always have stories to tell. :-) They were fooling around yesterday like kids. Running around, rolling in their pits, enjoying life. How can you not be completely relaxed and satisfied getting to take part in that.