Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm just back from the post office having picked up the baby chicks. They all arrived safe and sound, and were quite the lively bunch. They are now well situated in their new home, drinking and eating just like they should.
This is the first year I've tried to ship by mail, and have to say so far am very happy with it. I was afraid they would arrive rather rattled, but oh no. They chirp away and are running around just like they should. They each got a dip in the waterer before I let them loose, and they seem to be finding their way to both the water and feed just fine.

The boys are on call now, and seem quite content to have some company. And now it's time for me to go down and check on them. That's gonna happen quite often these 3 days when I'm off. I'm just so glad they came today so I get a full 2 days and some to enjoy them.

It's quite obvious which is the exotic surprise. Very different than the others. But what it is... well we'll find out with time I guess. Impossible for me to tell at this point. Will be exciting to see what we end up with.