Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waiting with anticipation

Today I have finalized the "baby room" for the chicks. Heat lamp is hung, draft guard up, feed, feeders and waterer ready to go. Now all we're missing is the babies. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow morning. If not then, on Tuesday. I've taken a couple of days vacation, to make sure they get off to a good start. I have to admit I'm like a kid on x-mas day. Baby chicks are so much fun. The boys are also waiting. They've promised to be great baby sitters. :-)

Otherwise the weekend has been busy with all kinds of stuff. Have made some body butters and salt scrubs. Came out really nice, and very happy with it. Have done some crocheting and almost done with a small project.

Today I went out to source some fallen down trees to be used for fixing some fencing that had collapsed during the winter. I pretty much found what I needed, so now it's just a matter of cutting and putting it up. That will be for another day.

This afternoon I'm gonna give a shot at tinted lip balms and see how that comes out. Fingers crossed.

Here are some pics of the boys and girls. They're all pretty springy in their steps these days, enjoying the spring.