Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wind and rain

Yesterday and last night we had some nasty weather. Really bad winds and pouring rain. Nothing much to do other than staying inside and hunker down.
Even the boys stayed inside, and that doesn't happen all that often. Zeus stayed outside for awhile, then he went inside. Wet to the bones. Pan and Hercules didn't go outside, just lounged inside.
The chicks are doing very well. I can't believe how quickly they grow, especially the Cornish X Rocks. It's amazing. You can almost see them grow from day to day. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to separate them sooner than I thought. The Cornish already have a tendency to hog the feeder. They just lay down and eat away. :-) No pecking though, so it's not like the others don't get any. We'll see what next week brings. Who needs a TV for entertainment, when there's baby chicks in house. :-)

This morning I've been whipping up an amazing facial cream, fit for queens. It came out so good. With summer on it's way I've also been making some bug repellent balms. Was very happy with those too. I can't stand the bug sprays, so will be nice to have a balm to use instead.

I've also change the hosting for all my websites, so have been trying to figure all that out. Being a newbee it's quite frustrating. Something went wrong with one of the transfers, and we're in the process of getting that fixed. Luckily the new hosting provider did all the files transfers, so hopefully they can fix it.

I had plans on working outside today, but with all the rain I'll have to wait for all the water to recede. It's way too wet out there. Still, plenty of things to be done outside. Never idle hands in this house.