Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shearing done

The last week I have been watching the weather like a hawk. Yesterday was shearing day, and can only be done if they’re dry. I was hoping I didn’t have to lock them up, as that makes them antsy. Friday night I put a gate in front of the barn entrance, so they couldn’t get out, it looked like it could rain, and it did some. By putting the gate there, at least they could look out and not feel trapped. They seemed very content with that.

Yesterday morning around 0800 AM we started. Erin and her husband arrived as scheduled. We did them standing again this year, as it worked fine last year. This year was even better, at least for Zeus and Pan. Hercules was still a little bucky, but not to the point where he can’t be calmed down.
I also found out that Pan is quite an escape artist. Last year when we sheared he tried to jump on the door between the feed room, where we were shearing, and the stalls. I don’t know what was up with that, but he wanted to jump in and join. This year he decided to bolt. He didn’t want to have anything to do with the production of shearing. No thank you. Half way through shearing Zeus, Pan tried twice to jump the gate at the front entrance. And you know what we say: third is a charm, and over he went, running around in pasture. I still have no idea why he does this. He came back inside when we were done with Zeus. Nothing a grain bucket can’t fix. :-) His shearing went very well.

So now I have to weight the fleeces and decide what to do with them. This week is going to be rainy, so I’ll wait for a nice day when I can do the skirting.

I did a couple of short videos. The shearing video didn’t come out great as the lighting in there was not optimal for videoing. Oh well. Next year I’ll have to put up more lighting if I want to try again. Lesson learned.


Post shearing

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