Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big news!

After a lot of thinking and debating, we finally decided to go ahead with the goats. It's a perfect fit, not only for the property we have, which is prime goat territory, but also in the vision of trying to be somewhat self sufficient. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those self sufficiency no matter what the cost. But I think it's great to be able to produce at least some things on your own. Especially today considering the cost of mega farming. When I say cost I mean the cost in animal health and well being.
I'm lucky enough to have a great farm nearby, AJ's Rowanwood Farm. She has Nigerian Dwarf goats, alpacas and llamas. Her farm is wonderful, and I love her set up.

We're starting out small, with two 8 week old sisters, and a one year old, who will hopefully fill the role of the matriarch.

Meet the girls.

Trinity, Tryggur and Smiley.

We're picking them up Aug 20-21, and in the meantime we'll be busy rebuilding the barn and putting up more fencing. Have 20 cattle panels going up this weekend. Great work-out!!

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