Sunday, July 3, 2011

Driveway gates

For the longest time I've tried to come up with a workable solution for closing off the driveway so the boys can have access to the other side, without me having to stretch el gates to move them back and forth. I have wanted a semi permanent solution that's easy to move.
I've seen some tube gates with cross legs. Kind of the type they use for demonstrations etc to close off areas. You know, the ones with cross legs at the bottom. They would have been perfect for my use. Easy to move and lightweight. When I went to the feedstore yesterday, I asked if they might have them, or possibly could order them, but unfortunately not. So this got my thoughts in high gear. I have to get this fixed.
I came up with a great solution. It's lightweight, easy to move, and best of all we had everything we needed. We've had some panels that we've used for the chicks when they are young, to keep them fenced in and safe. These turned out to be perfect as movable gates. We notched some 4x4's to put at the bottom, to keep the panel standing and steady, one at each end of the panel. Put on some movable bracing, to connect the panels, and to thread one of the panels on the tube gate already there. Some velcro straps to fasten the end of the el nets and Voila!! It's easy to move when needed and easy to put back up. It ain't pretty, but it works. When we have people coming or deliveries, we'll just move it. Other than that it can now be open all day long, and the boys can come and go at their leisure without me as a door man. Best of all the panels can still be easily disconnected and used for other things.
I'll still take it down and keep them by the barn every night. The gates aren't challenging proof, or jump proof, but I think it'll work. The only time Pan jumps fence is when he knows we're shearing. :-)

Here is Zeus checking it out, making sure everything is Kosher.

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