Sunday, July 31, 2011


This weekend we have doubled the fenced in area by the barn. I hadn't thought we would get it all up, but what do you know. Push on, and it will be done. The panels worked out great, and we only had to modify slightly a few places. The boys helped with the last bit, removing the cross fencing, opening up to the new area. Needless to say they were extremely happy with the new area. They were rolling around and running like mad men for awhile.Now it's only bits and pieces left to do. Filling some holes here and there, and adding on some extra fencing where the brook runs.
I've also installed a timer on the water hose, so for half hour during the day, the boys can run through sprinkles. I'm sure they'll love it. I got the little Noodlehead, which is perfect.

A very productive weekend, even in the heat. As long as it's not humid, it's doable. Nothing is better than going to bed after a couple of days like this. :-) Feels good, just like it should.

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