Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half day Fridays

It's amazing what half day Fridays do for the weekend to do list. During the summer we have every other Friday half day off at work. So instead of being away for 12 hours, it's only 7 hours. YAY!!
Yesterday I got the lawn mowed before the big downpour started, and got to spend some time with the boys in the field. Just watching them graze peacefully. Doesn't matter how stressed out you are from work, that really takes care of any stress the that might have lingered. Mowing you ask? Don't the boys take care of that? Obviously they're lazy, and don't manage to keep it low enough. Every so often I have to mow off the tops, as they don't like when the grass gets too high. Last year I over seeded with a native pasture mix, and it seems to have worked ok.

Today I'm gonna change all the bulb holders in the barn. They're all connected to one switch so I can't turn them on and off individually. New holders with a string to pull on and off should do the trick.
Other than that, if the weather stays nice like it is now, I might get in some more skirting and be done with it. Only have two blankets left. The biggest one is Zeus'. His blanket alone come out to about 6 lbs. He's dense, and the fiber is gorgeous. It's a pleasure just touching it, so it makes the skirting that much more enjoyable.

This morning I have gotten some of the computer stuff done, but not quite finished. During the week I hardly get a chance to even check my E-mails, except for the business E-mail. Not to mention having time for Twitter. blogging and keeping up with other blogs I follow.

I'm still working on the cute little cabled baby hat. It's taking time, but as we say: all in good time.

I should get going. Get most of the physical labor stuff out of the way before it gets too hot. I'm not a big fan of hot and humid.

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