Saturday, July 16, 2011

Projects to ponder

The last couple of weekends I've been busy clearing land to get some more fencing up. It's on the same side as the barn, and although it's somewhat wooded, it would still be good for the boys to have some more room to roam on. It's also much more shaded and cooler now during the summer. Not exactly pasture, but .....

We've been so happy with the broilers we did, that we're debating building a plucker and get a scolder, and start doing our own year round more or less. One batch late spring and one during fall. Enough to keep us year round. These birds were delicious. And knowing what kind of life they've had, made them even better. :-) There is no doubt that you appreciate the food more when it's homegrown. Even hubby is very impressed, and was actually the one suggesting we get going on our own. Being a handyman it's not a problem to get set up properly. He'll fix us up.

We're also currently exploring the idea of getting some Nigerian Dwarf goats. It's still under debate, so let's see where we end up. The property here is actually perfect for it. I should wait with the land clearing till we know yay or nay about goat. They would clear it up in no time. But there's still plenty to go around, so they would still be busy. As long as I clear enough to get some fencing up. :-) We're going to visit a farm nearby tomorrow, where they have alpacas, sheep and goats. Should be very interesting. Does or wethers is the question. Oh how I would love to have some goats to milk. :-)

The question whether Lady Gaga is a she or a he is now solved. She is definitely a he. Lately I've thought I've heard some attempts, but haven't been sure. It hasn't been on a steady basis. After last couple of mornings there is no doubt any more. Luckily he's not loud, and he doesn't go at it for very long. Just enough to get the girls up and going. :-) If he stays like this, which I really hope, we'll keep him. However if he gets very loud and keeps going all day long... enough said.

Tonight after barn chores, it's time for my fist bicycle ride this year. Of course hubby has already started, so I'm sure he'll leave me behind. It should be good fun. No doubt I'll sleep like a baby tonight. I have no problems with insomnia. :-)

Here's some pics of the girls and the clearing. Amazing what you find when you start removing brush. Found a neat little bridge over the brook. Unfortunately it's dry, at least now during the summer.

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