Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goat den

So last weekend we finished the fencing project, and this weekend we had rebuilding of one of the barn stalls on the list. The smallest stall in the barn is a perfect goat den with a little rebuilding. It has somewhat unfriendly layout, I think, being about 5.5 feet wide and 11.5 feet long. I.e. long and narrow. I’ve been using it as a catch pen when injecting the boys, and for that it’s good. Actually not quite sure how I’m gonna do that now, but will figure something out. There’s always haltering, although I don’t like them to associate being haltered with “nasty stuff”. Just means I need to halter them more, or make a small catch pen outside. Could always look into building a chute as well, which I actually have been thinking about for awhile. This probably is the perfect opportunity, as now I need it. :-)

Anyway, back to the goat den. I decided to put down wood flooring, using 1x6s with about 1/4 inch spacing. This is perfect for keeping things neat and clean. Urine and droppings can go straight through. I came up with a great idea to make mucking out easier. About 5 feet of the floor is on hinges so that it can be swung up and fastened to the wall with a hook. Voila!! Mucking out is like a breeze. Not only that but most of it can stay put long enough to where it turns into… you got it right… perfect compost. Win win on all fronts.
We also built a shelf for them to hang out on. That way we expand the space with both a shelf and also a little cosy den for the winter, under the shelf. I might put some panels on the front of the shelf, to make it more cozy for them. Will see how it works without first. It’s an easy add on if needed.

Here’s some pics of the new goat den. I thought it came out just perfect!

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