Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goats are here!

Time had finally come today, to pick up the goats. Not that time has been dragging, in any way, but when you wait for something, you know how that goes. No matter how busy you are, you think the day will never come.
We loaded up the truck with two big dog crates, and took off. It's a good thing it's not far, cause lately the truck has been giving us grief. Every time we drive it, it feels like it's on borrowed time. I'm thinking tranny, oh well. We shall see how long it runs.

It's such a treat to visit at Rowanwood Farm. AJ and her husband are very nice and hospitable. We got a taste of AJ's homemade goat cheese and yogurt today. Oh boy!! It was so good I can't even begin to tell you. I can't wait to start trying this myself. Now mind you I'm not a good cook at all, but cheese and yogurt, I think I can do it. I won't give up till I get it right. :-) Not to mention soaps. Oh, soaps galore!! I got a sample from AJ's that she makes. The best, simply the best!

So we got home without any antics from the truck, and situated the girls in their new home. They actually seemed much more calm than I thought they would be. They were looking around, sniffing, and settled on top of the big shelf. No crying, no nothing. You might think they're so shell shocked that they're speechless, but I don't think so. They seem very calm and collected.

Of course something had to happen. It always does. But this was actually a little funny, although a little scary for awhile. That little rascal Tryggur, saw a small opening in the gate in to their stall, and like lightening she was out, before you could say boo. Hubby wanted to go in and check on them, and they probably got a little spooked. I was up in the garage when I heard him calling: "you better get down here now". I knew something was up, because he doesn't normally call me like that. As I walked down, I saw the boys running around chasing something. That something was a screaming Tryggur, running around like a madman. Poor thing, she must have been so scared. Total chaos for a minute or so, with running alpacas and a running screaming goat. I felt so bad for her. Luckily we managed to calm the situation, and coral them in somewhat of a corner, and as Tryggur was taking off again, she jumped right into my arms. I'm sure it was pure coincidence. Phew!! Was I happy. Boys calmed down, and she calmed down as I carried her back to her friends.
She is either laying down the law right from the start, showing how things are going to be from now on, or it was just one of those freak things. What a start for Tryggur. Excitement from the get go. :-)

Anyways, this afternoon I've pretty much just left them to themselves, so they can settle. In to check on them every now and then, and they seem fine. As I said earlier, much more calm and collected than I thought they would be. Despite the show that Tryggur put on. Geez, you should have seen it.

Here they are. Hanging out by the window.

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