Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eventful couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been quite eventful. The week before hurricane Irene hit, I had one week vacation. What a vacation it was! I had such a wonderful time, and got quite a lot done. You know it, vacation around here is not for relaxation. It’s relaxation in a sense that you get to do what you want. So even though it’s busy, it’s the good kind of busy. The goats are very well settled in and adjusted. And I have to say again it went so much more smooth than I thought it would. The boys took to them right away, and they are now watching them very carefully. Pan is the babysitter. He stays very close to them most times, and makes sure they are OK. Hercules watches them as well, but in addition he keeps watch, and makes sure the surroundings are safe. Zeus, being the alpha prima donna that he is, makes sure everybody does what they’re supposed to, and keeps an overall eye on everything. It’s fascinating to see how they interact. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by these amazing creatures.

Last weekend we were inundated with hurricane Irene. Amazingly enough we did not loose power throughout the whole ordeal. Some people in town here are still without power, one week after. I hope they get it all sorted quickly so people can get back to normal.
We were fortunate not to have much damage. There were some huge trees down pretty close to the house, but luckily no damage on the house. We had one big tree down on the barn, but it only went half way through the roof, and the animals were all OK. They stayed remarkably calm throughout the whole storm.
This last week we’ve been busy cleaning up, and trying to get hold of people to remove trees and fix the roof on the barn. Of course everybody is extremely busy, and with many having been without power, it’s been a real challenge to get hold of people. We finally got hold of the tree guy that we’ve been using, and are scheduled to get the tree on the barn removed early next week. The rest of the downed trees will be removed at a later stage when things calm down, as it’s not urgent. We had a contractor out yesterday to give a quote on fixing the roof, but are still waiting on the insurance adjustor, which will probably take some time. Nothing will happen on that fix until we’re cleared with the insurance company.

I got a chance to finish up a small knitting project, Frigg’s Eco-tam, which only need the finalizing touches and it’s ready to go. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

The goats are quite pleased with the downed tree, and after taking a vote, it’s unanimous that the tree stays so they can have another place to jump and play. Good thing I have veto power. :-)

The chickens have finally started laying, 19 weeks old. At the moment we’re getting 3 eggs a day. They’re still small, but won’t be for long. A good thing they’ve started as demand is great.

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