Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is here

The last couple of days have been really nippy in the morning, and it's such a relief. This is the time of year I like the best without a doubt. The last couple of mornings when I go down to do the barn chores, the boys are laying outside and enjoying themselves. Apparently I'm not the only one liking the change of season. :-) There is nothing more beautiful than a clear night, with pacas laying outside chewing their cud, and moon shining gloriously. The girls are doing very well. They are starting to become quite mischievous, especially Tryggur. She's one smart escape artist. The other day when I got home from work, I saw her in with the chickens. God only knows how she got in there. The only way it could have happened, at least in my estimation, is that one of the boys must have layed down by one of the windows inside, and she saw it fit to climb up on him, get on one of the shelves on the wall, and proceed to jump out the window. There is no other way. :-) She was quite happy roaming around with the chicks. She was standing on one of the cut up tree trunks in there, looking at me saying: "Hey you, see what I did today!!" Hysterical! Goats are so much fun. Who needs a TV. I got the best reality show there is right in my back yard. :-) On Monday they removed the tree from the barn roof. They cut up the trunk in several pieces and built a nice goat tower for the girls. It's perfect! They like having it to climb on and jump from. You should really see when they throw themselves into open air. It's like skateboarders. I don't know how they avoid breaking their legs. The roofers started on Friday, and will finish up tomorrow. It's a relief to have the roof fixed. We had a tarp on there, but when it rained, water still got in. Nothing is worse than a wet and damp barn. We'll be good now. Inside stuff have of course been somewhat neglected lately. There is still a lot of cleaning up to do after Irene. We can save some "dough" on doing some of the cutting up ourselves, and putting into piles. With all the trees down in one cluster, it's a lot of work. But with chainsaw and plenty elbow grease, it shall be done. The guy that builds wooden boats, is apparently interested in buying the big white oak we had come down. Not sure when he will come and remove it. We'll have to get permission from the neighbors to use their driveway, as he can't get to it from our property. It'll have to be a big flatbed truck to remove that thing. As long as everything is cleared and done before the winter I'm happy. When it comes to knitting projects, I don't have anything going on right now, but am eying a nice vest I want to get started. I just haven't decided which yarn to use. Spinning will have to come a little later, when there isn't much to do outside. I have so much glorious fiber to get going with. Every now and then, I actually sneak a break in my craft room, and just touch the fiber. It feels so good in the hand. :-) The chickens have really picked up on the laying now. Getting 4-7 eggs every day. Before we know it, it will be up to full size eggs and 16 every day. Here are some pictures of the gang.

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