Sunday, September 25, 2011

Put a lid on it!

The goats have settled in really well by now, and as goats do, have found quite a few nice lounging places. One of which the boys very much disagree with: the hay feeder. They have been on my case to get it fixed, and finally yesterday I got around to it. I told them “enough already, put a lid on it” and I will actually put a lid on it.
There were some perfect scraps left from the roof fix, that really did the trick. Didn’t have to go get anything. Just a matter of getting it done. I was thinking first of just getting rid of the hay feeder, and using it for something else, but decided instead to just “fix” it, because the boys like it, and so does the girls. After everything was said and done, here is what we ended up with:

The way it was.
Getting it done.
All set!
And well approved!

I think we can safely say it’s approved. The boys are happy, and so are the girls. With all the rain and warm weather we’ve had lately, yesterday I seeded some more. Trying Herbal Pasture Mix, Livestock Pasture Mix and Bloat Resistant Mix. I already seeded the Bloat Resistant Mix last weekend, and it’s coming up. Let’s see what we end up with. Today we’re trimming hooves on the girls. Boy they grow quickly. It’s already been 5 weeks since they got here, so I guess it’s time. 5 weeks! Time flies for sure. There has been a lot of rain lately, so all the clean up of fallen trees are lagging behind. You know how it goes: it’s not going anywhere. All in good time, and as long as we get it done before winter we’re good. Still waiting on the big white oak to be removed. It’s a little bit held up by the guy who is interested in buying it. He’s being a little difficult. Wants the trunk cut off so he can properly look at it again.
Well, enough computer time for now, it’s not raining so better get out there and get some stuff done! And I also wish I could find out how to line the pictures up after one another.

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