Friday, November 25, 2011

Storm clean-up

I was just looking at the date of my last post, and realized how time flies. Pretty much everything has been on the back burner lately, due to the surprise October snow storm we had. Oh boy, we thought "Irene" was bad, this last one really did a number on trees. We've been busy cutting and clearing fallen trees pretty much all over. We had some more big ones come down, white oaks and hickories. It's so sad to see them down, but what to do. If I had more time I can think of a million things to use the wood for. Can you imagine the beautiful tables? Not to mention plates and bowls. Anyway, it has to be cleaned up and cleared before the winter and snow comes. We're putting all branches and smaller trunks in piles, and the big trunks are either cut up or just left where they are. As you can see below, we have been, and still are,very busy outside.

Another big hickory down.
That's one big pancake.
The big White.

The animals are all doing well. I'll need to do some updates on the goats here very soon. We're in the middle of breeding Trinity, and it's very exciting. The buck is fantastic, Kaapio Acres RA Whiskey Blues. Since I don't want to have a buck at the moment, I lease him for now. After his visit, during the rutt, I don't think my husband will be too excited about having a buck around full time. He can't stand the smell. Me, I don't mind it.
The goats have gotten used to their herbs, more on that later, and really love it. I also had to start tying them up when they eat, to make sure each of them get what they need. Trinity eats a whole lot faster than Tryggur and Smiley, and Smiley is a real slow eater. I also have to watch the paca boys when they eat, as Zeus tend to gulp down his food very quickly and then proceed to the others' food. Being the boss, they give way and let him have it. So I have to watch to make sure they all get to eat their food. Especially Hercules. He's a slow eater as well. Always finish last.

The goats really like some parts of the property here. It's prime goat territory. Hopefully next year I can get this area fenced in so I don't have to move the el-nets so much.
The boys enjoying fall.
Oops, how did this happen?
Doing what goats do best.

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