Saturday, December 3, 2011

Customer's pictures

I really love it when I get pictures of what customers have made of yarn or fiber they've bought from me. I just added an album on my FB page as well, to have a place to show it all off.
Check out this confederate santa that  Beck made. Isn't it beautiful? I think it's out of this world!!

She used some my third cuts for the beard. You can see which fiber she used here:

Elyssa has been at it again, and she's made this beautiful creation out of some black second cuts from Hercules,

I just love it!! You can see Elyssa's shop here

OK, now I got stuff to do outside. It's a beautiful crisp day, and better make sure to make the most of it while we're still without snow. Today I have modification of the hay feeder on the docket, amongst other things. Later I also have to finish a custom order baby hat. I really need to finish it this weekend.

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