Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alpaca mittens

This has been my "in front of the TV" project lately. With all this lovely yarn, I need to make something for myself as well, right? Not just for sale. I love these mittens. They came out just right. Nothing is better than being able to custom fit all fingers and length of the mitten. Perfect fit! These are made with 100% alpaca from beautiful Hercules. They are so soft, shiny and luxurious. Will have to be car mittens I think. Way to nice to use for outside work. :-)
It's also my first go with Photoshop Element. I caved in with the big Photoshop. It's way to big a program for me to use as I can't take advantage of all the features without a year long in depth course. :-) Element seems OK so far, though I haven't really looked at all the different features yet, but it looks very user friendly so far.

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