Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goat Milk Stand

I've been meaning to write this post since last weekend, but haven't gotten around to it. Time just flies, and the list is too long. Then you have the on and off unexpected happenings that tend to mess around with your list.
A milk stand has been on my list for quite awhile now. I think I've been putting it off since I haven't been 100% sure that Trinity has been pregnant. Well, she must be from all I can tell, so I will need one.
Last weekend I set out early Saturday morning. Had a trip planned to the dump with some rubbish and also swing by Homedepo for some plywood. I never even got out of the driveway, as the truck had a bad fuel leak from either the fuel line or the tank itself. I mean BAD, so bad it would be hazardous to drive on the road. That was it for the truck. Not another penny into it. Somebody came and picked it up cheap later that afternoon.

So what to do with milk stand plans? Never fear, scrap is always near!! I always say never throw out your wood scraps, cause you'll always need it some day down the road. Sure enough I could piece together everything I needed from scraps. Great!!! I was very happy about that. Luckily I had not set plan or drawing in mind, other than I knew how high from the platform the feeder would have to be (had already measured approx on Trinity). I ended up with a 33"H (24" to feeder) 33"L, 16"H (from floor to platform) and abt 15/16"W I had a blast building it! It ain't pretty, not exactly furniture quality, but it'll work and do it's purpose. I'm sure Norm (This Old House) would have had a thing or two to say about it.

Here it is from start to finish:
All the girls have been on it, and really seem to like it. Of course a little bribe always helps. More on that later.

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