Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick coffee break

Having a quick coffee break in between a lot of “clearing space” and other doings. I have a walk-in closet in the room I use as my office, and for the longest time hubby has been nagging about clearing it up. And he’s right, it needs to be more organized. You know how handy it is to have a place to just stash things for awhile, until you get around to organizing it. Well, it’s overdue, and in the process of being packed up and going to the attic. I’ve been saving boxes for awhile, so have plenty to stash it in. It’s amazing how much paper you accumulate. I have a big pile that needs to be shredded. Will be good for the compost pile. :-) Other than that it’s busy as usual. I got my Quick Little Weaver, which I still haven’t had a chance to try yet. It’s unpacked and ready to go, but apparently I’m not yet. :-) Lately I haven’t been able to keep up with egg deliveries. The hens have started molting, in the middle of winter. If we can call this winter. It’s a strange one this year. We’re having some big variances in temperatures, going from 22 one day to 58 the next. No wonder they get confused. So with that going on, the egg production is less than half of what it normally is. Also noticing difference in the shedding on the cats, and in the goats if you can believe it. Everyone starting to shed the winter coat much earlier. And you know what that means, more brushing both on cats and goats. Talk about goats. I’m pretty darn sure Trinity is pregnant. I’m allowing myself to start getting very excited and preparing for delivery. I have started to feel her stomach for kiddy movements now, and earlier this week I was pretty sure I could feel some movement. About 13 weeks in it’s not impossible. It’s also not impossible that it was my fantasy only as well. She’s a tough one to figure out. Prior to being bred it was really hard, if at all possible, to tell when she was in heat. She showed very few signs, if any. I think I figured out some, and also some of her behavioral changes. She would get a little more dominant and not tolerate the others as well, i.e. a lot of butting if they got too close to her liking. Also the tail wagging, at times. Lately she has become very dominant, ascertaining her position. Poor Tryggur and Smiley, she is after them all the time if they get too close and she’s not in the mood for it. Especially Tryggur gets the brunt of it, I think because she’s closest rank wise. She/Trinity tolerates Smiley much more, and Smiley is the happy camper getting along with everyone, very rarely challenging anyone. I’m still deciding where to set up the kidding pen, but think I’ve figured out the best spot. Now I need to find out if the gates I already have will fit the purpose. If not, some amendments are needed. The boys are happy, especially on the colder days. They love the cold weather. The other day I so wished I had the camera. I was coming home, nice sunny day, and they were all laying flat out in the sun, just enjoying life. When you see that, any kind of stress just melts away. :-) How can it not? It’s tax time as well, which means a whole lot of paperwork, or I should day more paperwork. I’m a little on the anal side when it comes to keep records. Ask hubby and he’d say it’s not the only way I’m anal. Oh well… So on I go, more paper waiting, and the coffee cup needs a refill. :-)

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