Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hanging by the strap

Lately it seems like things have been spinning out of control, between the business, changing all labels/website logos etc due to new logo, tax preparation (thank god it's done), refinancing (which is pretty much said and done, just a matter of closing) needing new roofs, and kidding preparations, I just about manage to hang by the strap. Really, I don't have to for work. :-)
There has been precious little time for crafting, except the "in front of the news" knitting project, which currently is a pair of socks in superwash wool.  It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I seem to wear wool socks through each season, hot or cold.
I just bought some very interesting silk hankies that I'm planning on using for some felting projects. Can't wait to get going with that. When you ask? It will be done, I'll find the time, just as I'll find the time for the weaving.

Yesterday at least I managed to hem some pants. Being short, hemming is always needed, as the petite size is too short and the normal size too long. So we end up somewhere in between the two. I finally broke down the other week, and got some iron on hemming tape, thinking it would save me some time. Call me old fashioned, but it just isn't the same. Nothing wrong with it, but to get it right it took me the same amount of time as it takes with regular hemming anyway, except if I do hand hemming, which doesn't happen too often. Only with "nice" pants.

Another issue I always have is waist. For the pants to fit the legs, the waist is always too big. So big that putting a belt on really wrinkles it, which is annoying and doesn't look good at all.
I started a waist project as well yesterday, but it ended up being a little more complicated than I thought. The pants has short zippers here and there, type cargo pant leggings. They were so cool I just had to get a pair, even though I knew I would have to fix it. Looks like I'll end up taking up the side seems, take out and modify/move some zippers, and cut the waist band to fit. Yes, a lot more than initially thought. But hey, hopefully it will all be worth it.

Yesterday I got a picture from Rachel, a customer, that has bought some of Pan's bamboo blend yarn. She's working a scarf, and it really looks lovely. She has promised to send a new picture when it's all done. Look how beautiful it is...

I just love getting pictures of what is made from the fiber and yarn I sell. :-)

Something else happened the other day that made me very excited. I got an invitation from a local zoo, Beardsley Zoo, to attend their Earth Day celebration April 21/22. They call it Party for the Planet, and it's all about sustainable and eco-friendly living, right down my alley. I haven't done any of these before, so trying to get in touch with them to see exactly what they expect from the vendors. Thinking of doing at least one of the days. So things are swirling in my head with all I can do in that regard as well. Oh boy... my husband is a saint for putting up with me these days.

Trinity's due date is also getting closer, so have to make sure I have everything at hand that might be needed. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. It's so exciting. She's getting really wide and heavy. I'm going to put up the kidding stall today, so they all get used to it before the big day. Don't want any unnecessary stress. Got plenty Rescue Remedy at hand, and probably most of it I'll use myself.

Also in the process of getting a new shearer for the boys. Shearing time is approaching quicker than anticipated, and with the mild weather we've been having this winter, shearing might end up earlier this year than normally. The have a new shearer at Premier1 Supplies that I've been eying, but still haven't decided. Simple things like this can take me forever to decide on. Like my husband says: "Just get a shearer, does it matter which one it is? They all do the same thing." Oh, but yes it matters. It's an investment for life, most likely, and I want to make sure I get the right one, with the right combs. You don't want to skimp and be cheap on a shearer. You'll pay for it down the road. The only thing I know is that I'm buying it from Premier1 Supplies. I love that place. They are so friendly and helpful, plus they are extremely knowledgeable. I get all my el-nets and solar chargers from them as well.

And now I realize this ended up being much longer than anticipated, and more time spent on it than planned. I really gotta run. :-) Toodles till next time. :-)

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