Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Exciting times

I have quite a few things cooking these days. Trinity (my pregnant goat) is due any day now, so waiting in anticipation for that to happen.
About a month ago I was invited to be a vendor at a local zoo, that throws a big Earth Day celebration the weekend of April 21-22. I've only signed up for one day, Sunday, as two will be too much. Still deciding on what to bring and make. I've got it pretty much narrowed down. Was hoping I could start this weekend to make some of the stuff, but it didn't happen. At least I got through my inventory and know I have all I need for everything. The only thing missing now is the Swipe/Squareup for the iPhone, plus of course making the various items. The items I'll make is some body products and nice home cleaning products.

Last weekend I was fooled into seeding, outside. I know I know... too early, but have done it before and things survived. Survival of the fittest. :-)
I got a nice little greenhouse, so it's not like they're completely unprotected.

It's very handy with the zippers on each side, and plenty big enough for me right now.

The garlic seems to be doing OK, and I'm excited to see how they finally end up.

Shearing of the alpacas are scheduled for 29th. So there will be plenty fresh fleece to prepare.

Trying to get all the rest of the fallen down branches and trunks after last years storm gathered together, so everything will be ready for when they come chip it. Not quite sure yet when that will be, but soon. Another big project coming up this early spring is new roofs. Yup, we all know it, having a house is a bottomless pit.

Of course I can't end without a picture of my beautiful Trinity. Here she is about 145 days pregnant.
It's hard to tell from this picture, but her udder is getting big and her stomach is enormous. :-) Like she'll pop any moment.

I hope everybody is enjoying a wonderful spring, and keeping busy.

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