Sunday, April 15, 2012

We have twins!

Wednesday morning Trinity freshened with beautiful twins, doeling and buckling. Thankfully I have had a week's vacation this week, so I could be there for the delivery and being able to keep an eye on them. Mom is doing a great job. She has plenty milk and they've been nursing well since they stood up. :-) The birth was very quick and smooth, without any issues whatsoever.

Today has been very warm, around 75 degrees, so took them out for awhile, 4 days old. With all the downed trees we had last year during the storms, there isn't a lot of shadow in the pen I have for them, so it was actually a little too warm for them. They stayed outside for awhile, then the panting and stress it seemed, became too much, and I brought them back inside. Hubby, of course, is telling me I'm the only one stressed out. :-) Well, better safe than sorry in my book. I didn't feel comfortable leaving them outside. I really need to get a couple of a canopies for some shade with the summer upon us.
Needless to say the boys were very hot today as well, and will need several hosing downs. :-) Shearing not too far off thankfully.

Here are a video link and some pics of the beauties:

First day outside

Just getting on their feet.

A day old and having nap time.

I'm gorgeous!

This whole week has been very busy. The "tree guys" were here on Tuesday with a full day of chipping wood piles and trimming trees. It's so nice to have that done. Looks so much more neat and tidy now. There are still some tidying up here and there, but the big piles are gone.

I'm also getting ready for my first market next weekend, in celebration of Earth Day. Very excited about that, but still way behind on getting ready. I'm only going to have one 6 ft table, so it won't be difficult to fill with stuff, rather the opposite. How to get room for everything I want to bring.

Planning on bringing some hand knitted items, yarn, raw fiber, the Eco Green Beans of course, some handmade organic body goods, some natural cleaning agents and have also made a liquid plant fertilizer that I bottled just today, after brewing for 2 weeks. Also made some lip balms and creams this morning. The only things left to make are some more body butters, the cleaners (paper towel replacement) and all the labeling. Now I wish I was more of a computer wizard and the labeling would be done in 1-2-3.
I will take some pics when there and post later.

As you can see, lately there hasn't been much time for computer stuff, and I'm way behind on keeping up with blogging, Etsy, Facebook and all the rest of it. Hopefully after next weekend, things will calm down a bit, and there can be more time for computer catch up.

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