Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skirting table

I'm really way behind on everything computer and social media, but this is just a quick update I'll sneak in, in between. Just because I'm pretty darn happy with myself just about now. I just finished my custom skirting table, and it came out great. Is it quality woodworking? No, but it does what it's supposed to do. Now I have an edge so the fiber doesn't fall off the table, I have adjustable legs (yay!!), so no more bending back and being uncomfortable, and I made a "catch all the 2nds and other fall throughs" so it can be used anywhere inside without making a mess.
It's so easy to make anyone can do it. I just used 1x2's, chicken wire, staples, bolts, washers and wing nuts. That's it! :-) Hooks around the edge to fasten old curtain to catch all goo.
The other one I had was pretty much just a homemade screen that I put between 2 chairs outside.

Now I better get going using it. All that wonderful fiber can't just sit around. There are plenty more updates to do on so many changes around here, but not right now. Now I gotta do evening barn chores.

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