Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things are normalizing

The last month has been extremely upside down in all regards. In early May I got a new job offer that I could not refuse, and was very excited about. However excited though, after 17 years in the same company, any change is scary, even if it is a good change. This new venture involves setting up a whole new office, with all that entails. Luckily it's small, and being back to a small office is wonderful. I'm not a corporate person, and during the years, the old company I was with, seemed to have outgrown me, i.e becoming more corporate.
The new job also adds to my commute, about another hour or so every day, and you know what that means: even less time for crafting and computer stuff.

All the job changes came along as I was making changes to my own plans farm wise. Sadly the buck that I used for breeding Trinity, passed away late spring. The buckling I got is turning out to be a real hunk, and with those particular bloodlines gone, I just have to keep this guy. I had no plans whatsoever to keep a buck, as I only have a few goats, but this guy I'm not letting go of. He is gorgeous. So with keeping a buck, this means pretty big changes housing wise, as he has to be kept separate from the girls, and he needs a buddy, as he can't be on his own. I already found him a buddy, a cute little black guy. He's a couple of weeks younger, so the twins will have to stay together until he arrives.
The last couple of weekends I have been busy redoing the chicken coop into a "man cave". That also means I had to get rid of the chickens. Luckily I found a wonderful home for all of them together, and I was so happy about that. The lady that bought them was so excited, and I know they will get a good home, with plenty free ranging and good care.

In addition to keeping the buckling, I've also decided to keep the doeling. They do have names now: Baldur and Fulla. Being the first born twins here, the names were quite obvious to me, since everything is centered around Frigg. Baldur was Frigg's son, and Fulla was her main hand maiden. All very fitting in the full picture here. They actually also have personalities to go with the names. :-)

The shearing of the boys went very well. This year we did them stretched out, which is quicker, and it went without a hitch. They were calm and collected. With all the hustle and bustle lately, I still haven't gotten around to skirt the fleeces and trying my new wonderful skirting table. But it will be done, all in good time. These other things were just more important to get set up.

Today is a big day. Baldur and Fulla will get their tattoos (in the ears) and will be separated from mom. I imagine we will have some crying for some days. Although it seems to me mom is ready. They are also ready to be independent it looks like, and ready to hold their own.

This ended up a little longer than normal. From now will try to be more regular on my postings. In the meantime, have a look at how beautiful the twins are.


  1. Wow that man is gorgeous.
    Best of luck with the new job.

  2. Thank you for your best wishes, and yes, this guy is a HUNK! :-)