Saturday, September 22, 2012

Favorite homemade natural animal/barn sprays

This summer I continued checking out different spray blends for barn/animal use. Last summer I made a post with the most common essential oil used. As always these things are work in progress, but eventually you'll end up with some favorites that both you and the animals prefer.

I use  24oz spray bottles most of the time, unless I want to be animals specific, in which case I use a 4 oz bottle adding 1/2 tsp regular glycerine, 2 oz water and 2 oz witch hazle. That's mostly for the goats specifically.

Here's the blends I've ended up using most frequently (for the 24 oz bottles). Sometime I do put in a dash of vegetable glycerine and witch hazle, all depending.

Mixture 1
Tea tree oil - 10 drops
Rosemary - 15 drops
Thyme - 8 drops
Pennyroyal - 10 drop

Mixture 2
Peppermint - 10 drops
Eucalyptus - 10 drops
Tea tree - 10 drops
Lemongrass - 10 drops
Lavender - 10 drops
Pennyroyal - 10 drops

Mixture 3
Tea tree - 10 drops
Rosemary - 15 drops
Thyme - 8 drops
Pennyroyal - 10 drops

If I use Citronella I mix mostly with only one other oil, all depending.

I spray AM and PM, and it works like a charm. Not only do I spray the animals, I also spray myself.
:-) Much prefered to the dusts or other chemicals. In addition this summer, I've been using the Arbico Fly eliminators, and are really impressed by the effect. Have already ordered next years program.

I'm way behind on a lot of the computer stuff, due to massive computer issues, and some change of plans in regards to animals etc. Meaning working on changes to the barn.

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