Friday, November 23, 2012

A couple of days off

It's been very nice with a couple of days off, to catch up on things that are always left at the bottom of the list. I've been working on a dedicated goat website, which is now coming along nicely. Decided not a blog, but just a static page with info. It's too much to keep up with these blogs, I have enough already.

Got a copy of the article I contributed to in the Flower Magazine, and thought I'd share it here, but can't find a way to upload a PDF doc right now.

Otherwise busy knitting more custom order socks. Was hoping to get some felting and weaving done as well this weekend, but might have to put the time into the socks instead.
I also made some luxurious Mimosa solid perfume today. I love that stuff! Haven't decided yet whether to put it out for sale or keep as gifts. Knowing what happened last time I made it I'll go through it all myself. :-)

Waiting patiently for the goat milk soap to finish curing. I tested some of the shavings earlier this week and was very happy with the outcome. Very nice lather, and leaves your skin so soft and smooth.

This is the first time I've made soap with my own goat milk, and it is so satisfying to see something from start to finish like that. There are still several mixes I'd like to try, but this first one might be a winner. Always exciting to play around though.

We're also in the middle of breeding season here, and waiting with anticipation to see if Tryggur and Smiley are pregnant. Trinity should be coming into heat this weekend, so there will be some song and dance for Gjallar. :-)

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