Monday, December 10, 2012

More custom orders

So I told you earlier about my friend and soap/lotion sets. I had to order some packaging material for some, as I don't have much of this kind of packaging. It's not always easy to find recycled eco-friendly nice packaging, but I found everything I needed at Nashville Wraps. They actually have quite a lot. So all I need to do now is make the lotion, package it up, and we're all set.

Last weekend a friend stopped by with her kids to see the animals, and also buy some of my knitted items. I love when I get visitors bringing the kids. It's such a joy to see them interact with the animals. :-)
Now this visit resulted in the custom order list getting longer, to the point now where I can't take no more orders before I'm done with what I have. She bought a cabled baby hat, and also wanted a bigger one. She also got a pair of fingerless mittens, and wanted another 2 pairs of the same. Then she saw the vest I just listed and was wondering if I could make one in her size. Of course I could, and we took measurements for same. Then she had the great idea of making it to a sweater. Yay!! I told her, this is gonna take me quite some time, and luckily she was OK with that.
I told her about the soap, and had some "scrap" leftovers that I gave to her to test out. A couple of days later she E-mailed me and asked what on earth I put in my soaps? First time she had used it her hands were no longer dry and cracked!! I was prompted to get another batch going ASAP as she wanted more and knew a lot of other people that wanted some too.  Yay!! The goodness of all natural, organic and goat's milk. :-)

I was hoping to start another batch this weekend, but to my dismay realized I didn't have enough lye (poor inventory control). Have ordered some which is under way, and hopefully next weekend will get another batch going. I like to make them small so they stay fresh, and also allows for more experimenting. I only have so much milk.

I'm also impatiently waiting for my yarn to come in as I'm almost out. Very little left but some of the lace weight black. I'm realizing lace weight isn't such popular weight as I suspect it takes too long to knit with. A lot of people want more bulky for quicker projects. Hopefully by the end of this month I should have the yarn. I sure have not had any time to spin up any myself, but who knows what can happen an early morning, when you wake up way too early........

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