Sunday, December 2, 2012

The soap is gone!

My computer is behaving very strangely this morning, either that or it's just too early and I haven't had enough coffee yet. Or it could be that I'm a complete scatter brain these days... take your pick. The last month or so I've been getting up, ready to rare, very early. I write it down to menopause. :-) I just had to sit myself down and have a serious talk to myself, cause I was going in a godzillion direction all at once (ADHD??) Between updating several blogs (I really should cut down to have just one), realizing I have to update the OS on my iPhone, finalizing some feed and herb formulations for my animals, realizing I'm late on finishing a custom project...... you get my drift. I'm starting in one end now with one thing, and that's updating this blog, while the OS is updating on the iPhone. :-) Think I can get that in before it's time for the morning barn chores.

Yesterday I took some time out to visit a dear friend. She's my test bunny on the soaps and lotions. I had just packaged and labelled the soap, as it was done curing yesterday, and brought her one to try.
She absolutely loved it! She had already tried the goat milk lotion and was raving about that as well. I had plans on selling the soaps on Etsy, but after the visit yesterday they're all gone and spoken for. My dear friend asked if I could make several sets with soap and lotion that she could use as gifts for her coworkers. Yay!! She gets it. Buying local, and handmade, and I'm the lucky one. :-) It's not much, but in my book every bit counts. Now when the coworkers gets the gifts, they might start thinking doing the same thing. Plant a seed and it shall grow....

Now I have to find some pretty containers of sorts to make a nice set. I have some pretty cobalt blue glass jars, but don't have enough. Will either order more of those or find something else. Plus I need to make more lotion. Also need to finalize the recipe and decide on the final preservative. But I have time on that. The fresher it is when they get it, the better. But I need to get going ordering the containers and baskets, whatever I end up using as packaging. All I know is it will be simple and eco-friendly.

That will be it for now. Now I need to hit the barn and take care of the boys and girls. Also in the middle of breeding, and one of the girls, Tryggur same back into heat after the first breeding, so having another round with her these days. Fingers crossed.

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