Friday, January 11, 2013

Full procrastination mode!

I don't know why, but this trip is throwing me off completely. My head has been spinning out of control, and I'm currently in full procrastination mode. Not like me at all!!
I'm leaving tomorrow and haven't even started packing yet. I've gotten so far as to dig the suitcase out, and put it on the second floor. That's it. An appointment this afternoon is throwing me off big time as it's in the middle of my barn chores, and the day hubby comes with to go through everything.  Everything should settle down once I'm under way, but until then I expect full chaos in my little head. As long as the barn is all set and hubby knows what to do, I'm good. And as long as I have the passport, visa, credit card, toothbrush and phone, I'm good to go. Anything after that is peanuts.

I am very lucky to have a nice husband volunteering to take care of the animals while I'm away. I have to say I'm very grateful for that. At the same time, nothing is like doing it yourself, so..... fingers crossed they'll all survive. I'm sure it will be fine. :-)

Let's hope when I'm back, the head is back to normal, and I can go back to my normal routines of being efficient and non-procrastinating!!

I used to travel quite a bit, but was never like this at all. Am I getting old and too set in my routines?

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