Sunday, February 10, 2013

Done digging out

at least for now. Was at it most of the day yesterday, and have been out all day today as well. It seems to be never ending. At least today was a beautiful sunny day, with no wind. Yesterday was cold, overcast and miserably windy.

Today I started by removing some of the snow from the roofs. I don't want no ice dams forming resulting in leaks. Plus we have the roof rake now, so why not use it?
Then it was on to expansion of the driveway and clearing the back porch. With only the small snow blower functional, it took it's sweet time.

I checked the big blower this morning, and sure enough, the auger belt was almost broken. Just hanging on by a thread, which is probably why, yesterday, it was on and off when we tried to tighten the tension on the wire. Piss poor poor planning on my part. Always have spare drive belts, because they tend to break when you most need them. Ordering more today, plus a spare drive belt as well.
Found a lot of nesting stuff when I opened up the bottom of the blower. The chipmunks must have been having a blast! Plenty broken nut shells, and a lot of wool!! Prime nesting spot. I guess that also says something about my obviously poor maintenance routine. Oh well. Live and learn.

Having a quick break now before the evening barn chores. Dug out a little bit yesterday just around the doors, so the boys and girls can get a peak out and some fresh air if they so desire. Also had to dig a path and a small clearing for the poop pile, which is going to be a pain in the ass now. Won't be able to use the wheel barrel, didn't dig wide enough as the slope made the snow wall too high for me to throw. So will have to log a smaller bucket back and forth. All in all it just makes for a little more exercise and time. That's all.

Last night I was really hurting after all the shoveling, and thought for sure that today would be worse. Good thing I'm always well stocked with Arnica, both low potency homeopathic and oils/creams. This morning I felt just fine, and all the aches and paines were gone. Of course now they're back, but tomorrow morning, they shall be gone again, courtesy Arnica.

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