Monday, February 4, 2013

Home sweet home

It's always nice travel, but nothing is like coming back home. This trip was too long, and it wasn't a great idea to combine business and a trip home.
I now know why I was so stressed out before the trip: the flights ended up a nightmare. I had London as a hub, flying in and out of, and both flights going through there were cancelled due to weather. It gave me an extra day in Athens, but I had to skip the one day stop over in London at the office there. Oh well, live and learn. London this time of year is iffy. It doesn't take much for Heathrow to close down when it comes to snow and wind.

Anyways, hubby and the rest of the gang was happy to see me back. My dearest had done an excellent job taking care of my babies, but was very happy to have me take over again.
The boys in particular were extremely excited to see me. They were so cute. Dancing around, jumping and pluddering, wanting plenty TLC. They didn't have to ask twice.
The girls were happy as well, but more measured. Smiley is very pregnant. I don't know how big she's going to get by the time it's time to deliver. She's already huge. I'm pretty sure Trinity and Tryggur have taken as well.

I'm still in catch up mode both at home and at work. Work has been crazy busy, which means less time for my own stuff. The yarn is delayed, which is really annoying, but what to do.
Little by little I'll get back on track and get things in order.
It's also tax time, and I recon you all know what that means. :-)

I'll try to stay more on top of the blogging (blushing... how many times have I said that).

Oh and of course while I was away, my other blogs got hacked and closed down. Back up and running again, and have made some tweaks that will hopefully help. God I wish I was more of a computer wizzard.

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