Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo upon us

Today I've been working from home due to the weather. I had all intentions going to the office this morning, but since it had already started snowing when I was supposed to be leaving, I figured I'd get more done staying at home instead of getting stuck in traffic.

The barn is closed up and the water tank filled. As long as we don't loose power we should be fine. The generator isn't hooked up to the barn, but worst case I'll go back to hauling water buckets, which isn't so bad.

It's been snowing steady all day, but think the worst will be upon us tonight and overnight into tomorrow. I'm still hoping it won't be as bad as some have predicted. Always living in hope!!

Before heading to the barn for the evening chores I'll work some more on a receipt for an herbal salve. I have a sneaky feeling I might have a mite issue on some of the goats. I'm thinking Neem and Calendula oils, in a carrier oil, but still haven't decided whether to make it liquid or not. Both Neem and Calendula are pretty solid in room temperature, so we'll see what kind of mix we end up with. I will let you know what I end up with, and how it works.

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