Sunday, March 3, 2013

March is here....

How did that happen? It's one thing after the other, and before you know it it's kidding time. It's been busy lately, both at home and at work. You know what they say: time flies when you're having fun.

I'm getting ready for kidding, as it will be upon us before we know it. Making sure everything is at hand and clean towel bag ready to go. The first one, Smiley, is due around April 10th. She's first freshener, so not really familiar with her "schedule yet. She's huge already, and looks like she's ready to burst. I just hope the kids aren't too big, to make for a difficult birth. Hoping for several smaller, instead of one or two big ones.

I've had mite issues this winter, for some reason. Haven't had it before, and it's a real challenge to keep at bay. It's been too cold for any kind of baths, so we try to keep it at bay with DE and various salves/oils. Gjallar got it really bad on his legs, but are getting much better now. The homemade mite salve seems to have done the trick. At least skin is healing.

On the crafting front I'm way behind on all the fiber stuff. I sent some off to have made into yarn. This is a new place where everything is handspun, i.e. not at a mill. I was told I would have everything back by Nov/Dec. It's now March and I still haven't gotten it back. It's really annoying me as I have to drag out of them, any kind of update, which is always "you'll know when it's done". Seriously, how people can do business like that is beyond me. No apologies, no nothing. Just snippiness when being asked for progress. Needless to say I won't be recommending this place to anybody, no matter how well the yarn comes out.
I'm thinking it will probably be a good idea to have it shipped when it's done, instead of picking it up. Who knows what could ensue from that visit. I should have just stuck with my regular place. Live and learn. They had way much longer waiting time than I could afford, but at this point I'm way behind what I would have been with them after all. Sigh!!

Yesterday morning we had a beautiful visitor. I believe it's a redtailed hawk. He's been coming by lately, and I'm almost thinking there might be nesting going on. Beautiful birds, but thinking about getting chickens, makes me a tad nervous.

It's Sunday, which means extra time with the boys and girls in the barn. It's always nice with some extra time for brushing and cuddling. I think I might enjoy it more than they do.:-)

Have some goat milk thawing, and getting ready for a couple of batches of goat milk soap, so I better jump to it, before it's time for the evening chores.

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