Sunday, March 24, 2013


Why on earth would anybody want to start sprouting you might ask. We're not grazers after all. :-) Well, I've been sprouting for a little while now, and it seems with great success. I use the Sproutmaster, and really like it. It's easy to use and clean, and can easily be stacked with several trays if needed.

So far I've sprouted Alfalfa and Wheat Berries, and both are delicious. Since I'm not a great cook, I still have to try it out in various receipts. Like that's going to happen. :-) I like to use it on bread, just drizzle it on top of whatever I put on. It's actually great on egg salad. And I've  been known to just "graze" it as a light snack when I feel the urge. Or throw it in smoothies seems to work very well too.

The goats also love it, and it's great for them when they don't have access to pasture, during winter. I mix it in with my homemade feed and they love it. I tried sprouting feed for them, but they don't seem to like it sprouted, not the whole thing. So long as the feed mix is dry, and some sprouts mixed in, they eat it with joy.

Why did I start this? I want real food that is jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Last but not least, I want to know that no chemicals have been used, and have control with what kind of seeds are used as well. It can't get much better, believe me.

I'm to the point of researching a big spouting system for the barn, i.e. enough to feed the critters. Still debating though. It needs space, but not too much, and during the winter it would have to be moved inside. Still on the fence on this. If I do it, will most likely build my own. There are plenty of plans to be had out there. Unless I can find one that is small enough. Many of the system they sell tend to be on the bigger side.
If you were ever curious about sprouting, give it a try. It's really easy, and very good for you. :-)

Just seeded
Sprouted Wheat Berries

Sprouted Alfalfa

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