Sunday, April 14, 2013

Twin doelings for Smiley

On Monday early evening, Smiley had a beautiful set of twin doelings. Everything went very well and without drama. I saw she was getting ready as I was starting the barn chores, and by the time I was done, she was ready to give birth. How brave and stoic she was for a first timer, and a wonderful mom.
They are all doing very well, and mom has plenty milk and is very attentive to them. Wonderful first time freshener. It couldn't be any better.

Today they have been out for the first time. Little by little, and eventually will be with the rest of the gang full time. It better be soon, as I need the private stall for Trinity, who is getting close to her due date.

Here they are today, romping around. The cutest little things. And dad is a proud dad. One of them in particular, looks very much like him when he was born. My beautiful Baldur has sired twin girls on his first "job".

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